Repainting The Stock Flares

My flares were freshly painted when I purchased my Jeep.  So I did not have to repaint them due to fading.  My problem was my front tires getting into them and brush scuffing them up.  There are two basic methods to repaint the Jeep Wrangler flares.  The first method is to mask off the Jeep and paint the flares while they are installed.  The second method is to remove the flares and paint them.  I tried painting them both ways.  The first time I repainted the flares, I left them on the Jeep and painted them.  I used a deck of cheap playing cards and stuffed them behind the flares to protect the paint.  I then masked off the Jeep and painted them.  The second time I repainted the flares, I removed them from the Jeep and painted them in the garage.  While it was somewhat easier to paint them in place, I did not like the outcome as much as when I removed them and painted them.

To paint them, I first removed them from the Jeep and washed them thoroughly.  I then painted them with Krylon Fusion Satin Black paint.  The outcome is good and the flares look almost new when you are done.   

Remove the flares. It's more work, but the outcome is better.

Give them each about 4 or 5 light coats of paint.


Racing Duck Image By Donnovan Knight