Ford 8.8 Axle Installation

Probably my largest upgrade to date has been the rear axle.  Since the Dana 35 that came with my Jeep was such a turd for what I wanted to use my Jeep for, I started looking for an upgrade.  I quickly narrowed my search down to either a Ford 8.8 or a Dana 44.  It was not long before I found a Ford 8.8 with 3.73 gears and limited slip for sale in Sikeston for $250.  In no time at all, my son and I were in the truck on our way to pick it up.  I did most of the prep work on the axle.  I cut off all the old brackets and ground the tubes smooth.  I also picked up a bracket kit from Mountain Offroad and they fit perfect.  But for setting up the axle, I knew better than to pretend that I knew what I was doing.  I knew I needed someone to setup the axle for me.  So after speaking to a few people I took the axle and brackets to Plum Krazy Offroad in Festus.  They guys were great and had me on the road in no time.     

Since my axle was a junkyard axle, my first step was to check out the gears and make sure they were good.

All the old brackets have been cut off

Here it is after the installation

New Rockcrusher 8.8 cover


Racing Duck Image By Donnovan Knight