Minor Rust Repair

When I bought my Jeep, it was pretty clean.  But it did have a couple spots of rust, as is to be expected on a Jeep that's 10 years old.  The worse spot on my Jeep was the passenger floorboard.  It was rusted through the metal where the exhaust support bolts to the floorboard.  This was something I knew I would have to fix soon as it would just get worse.

To fix this rust spot, I really wanted to have a new piece of metal welded in place of the rusted one.  but funds were limited and my buddy kept putting me off to get it in his shop, so I decided on a quick fix that would hold me until I could fix it properly.  I had a piece of metal that was plenty large enough to cover the hole.  I used a wire brush on my cutoff tool and cleaned up all the flaking rust.  I then treated the rust to stop it from spreading and painted the whole area.  I picked up a tube of high temp silicone to seal it and simply used pop rivets to secure the new metal in place.  The result was a sturdy, water proof seal that would last until I could weld in a new floor pan.  

This is what the hole looked like. I used a wire wheel on my grider and cleaned up what I could.

I used a product to get rid of the rust.

To patch the hole, I used a high heat silicone and pop riveted a piece of metal over it. Once dried, thi created a sturdy water proof seal.

10 points if you can name the cover I used.

Racing Duck Image By Donnovan Knight