Rock Slider Installation

After a couple outings with my Jeep, I quickly realized I needed rocker protection.  There were more than a few brands that I liked, but I went with the Rokmen Mercenary Rock Sliders.  And I am glad I did.  From the minute FedEx dropped these babies on my doorstep I have really liked them.  These sliders are beefy to say the least.  They provide protection from wheel well to wheel well and the extra clearance under the rocker panel is very noticeable.   

Installation is not that bad.  But you need to block off the better part of a day to do it.  And if you have a buddy, offer him a beer and get him over to help.  I did my install by myself and a second pair of hands would have been very useful.  The instructions that come with the sliders are very detailed, so I will not go into every little detail.  But here are some pictures of my install and you will see the basic process.

Find more info about Rokmen and their products here:

Fresh Off The FedEx Truck

Complete with gasket and internal bracing

First a nice sanding and cleaning

Then a few coats of Rustoleum Hammered Black paint.

Now the fun begins

Strip off the factory flares and steps.

Fix a little damage while i'm in there

Drivers side is ready

Drill out the 3 studs from the side flare

First sliders held in place and ready to drill. Take your time here and get it perfect. You only want to do this once.

My little helper

She's gonna hate the mismatched socks when she gets older...

Got the holes drilled for this side

Fix a few scratches i made while fitting the slider in place.

First ones done. Now to do the other side.

Yea, that's an old corded drill. Ill upgrade when it breaks.

Some shots of the internal bracing.

Drivers side in place and ready for drilling.

Mark the holes with a punch

More of the internal bracing. These are solid.


Racing Duck Image By Donnovan Knight