Relocated Rear Spring Buckets

One of the problems with lifting a Jeep TJ is all the little things that are affected.  By rotating the rear axle to fix the pinion angle you end up with rear springs that are no longer straight.  The fix for this is to relocate the spring bucket to the top of the wheel well arch on the frame.  This is accomplished with a lot of cutting, a lot of welding and lot of man hours. 

This was actually a couple mods, a couple repairs and some touch ups rolled together.  Along with relocating the rear spring buckets, we also fixed a problem with the rear trackbar mount, fixed a few broken welds on the control arm brackets and installed a new gas tank skid from Rokmen.  The work was done by my friends at Dirty Fabworks.

Find out more information about Dirty Fabworks here:

The spring bucket is removed and the frame is cleaned

The passenger side spring bucket is moved back against the trackbar bracket.

This is what the drivers side looks like. Everything is welded good.

And here is the finished product.

The trackbar bracket is cut so it can be bent forward to get the trackbar off the gas tank skid and align the brackets.

The body had to be moved off the frame to make room to work.

Taped off and ready for paint

This is my buddy Robert from Dirty Fabworks.

Here you can see 1 weld thats been repaired and a broken weld in the front of the bracket on the frame.

Here's a better picture of the broken weld

Here you can see 2 repaired welds on the front and bottom of the control arm bracket

A picture of my tummy tuck, manufactured by Dirty Fabworks.

A picture of my motor skid, also manufactured by Dirty Fabworks.





Racing Duck Image By Donnovan Knight