Winch & Bumper Installation

My first upgrade was a new front bumper and winch.  After looking into mounting a winch on the stock bumper and adding a grill guard, the price came pretty close to a new bumper.  My requirements were pretty simple.  I wanted a stubby bumper, with a built in winch plate and grill guard.  After looking around I stumbled upon the Rokmen Mercenary bumper.  I plopped out the Visa and it was on my doorstep in under 2 weeks.  This bumper is small, but heavy.  The shipping weight was something like 48 lbs.  I painted it with Rustoleum Hammered Black paint and primer.

For a winch, I shopped around and found a pretty good deal on the Warn XD9000i at Winch Depot.  Once again, I pulled out the Visa and it was at my door in no time.  The shipping weight on this winch was about 85 lbs.

Mounting the winch on the bumper is a no brainer.  It's only 4 bolts for the winch and 2 more bolts for the fairlead.  Once the winch was on the bumper it was just a matter of removing the stock bumper and installing this new bumper and winch combo.  You only have to remove 6 bolts to install this bumper.  It sits directly on the frame rails and does not interfere with the sway bar mounts like some other bumpers.  It also places the winch lower than some other bumpers.  The combined weight of this combo was somewhere around 130 lbs.  Here are a few pictures of the install.  

Find more info about Rokmen and their products here:

Find more info about Winch Depot here:

Height to the frame before installing the bumper and winch.

Factory bumper came off way too easy

Height to the frame after installing the bumper and winch.

I ran the wiring under the grill

Hooked it up to the POS battery. That battery came out very soon after this picture.


Racing Duck Image By Donnovan Knight