Fall Colors Run - Washita Offroad Park

October 23, 2010

Find more info about Washita Offroad here:  http://washitaoffroadtrails.com/

Find more info about Midwest Jeepthing here:  http://www.midwestjeepthing.com/

This was the annual Fall Colors Run with Midwest Jeepthing, held this year at Washita Offroad Park.  If you are on a slower internet connection a photo gallery with images scaled down to 640x480 can be found here.


Proof that a JK axle is stronger than granite!

King of the hill!

Fred climbing the rock in reverse.

This is my ride.

Fred3b's Very Cool CJ3B

Blue Collar's New JK

The Smurf-Mobile

Mmoore's Nice JK

Elrod's Cool LJ

Wiredawg & Peep's Cool JK



Damage Report

Not a whole lot of damage to report.  I apparently hit a tree (again!).  I got my left Rokmen Mercenary rock slider into the rocks (that's what they are supposed to do, right?).  I bent my tie-rod just enough to cause it to hit the differential cover and lose some turning radius to the left.  As you can see in the picture, it's definitely bowed just a little.

Stupid trees really have it in for my Jeep.

Tie-rod's bent just enough to hit the diff cover when turning to the left

Rokmen Mercenary sliders just doing their job.


Racing Duck Image By Donnovan Knight